Victory Vegas 100 - Fitting a Power Commander III
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I purchased a Power Commander III from the USA, this model is specifically designed for the Victory 100 Freedom engine.  I decided on the PCIII because
I have fitted an
Arlen Ness Big Sucker airbox and Super Trapp slip-ons and the fueling will need adjusting.
TIP:  The PCIII manual advises owners to visit their web site and download the latest firmware and latest maps.  In my case this was a huge mistake, the
later software I downloaded stated it was for Victory & Harley but it would not accept a new map.  I contacted the Power Commander help site and they
sent me older firmware to re-load and a few Victory 100 maps that were not on the PC web site or the DVD they shipped in the box.  Anyway I reloaded
the firmware and
uploaded map M909-004 for Arlen Ness Exhaust and Arlen Ness Airbox which is the option closest to my bike's specification.

The PCIII is a bitch to fit.  The Vegas is a large bike however under the seat the waist is narrow and after removing the battery box the space left is about
the same as a Honda C90.   I love a challenge and I managed to fit the PCIII,  Don't complain if your dealer charges extra for this work, he is earning his
Step 1 - I filled the R/H forward facing edge of the rear mudguard with loads of black silicon to make it level.
Step 2 - I then siliconed a thin piece of alloy sheet on the built up R/H edge of the mudguard.  I fitted the PCIII to this with self adhesive Velcro. Everything
must fit as far over to the right as possible and as far down as possible, every mm counts..
Step 3 - Fit the PCIII, the lead has to be connected to allow part of the loom to pass through the loop or the loom gets caught up with the shock spring.
Step 4 - I had to lengthen the earth lead to the top L/H side of the chassis by 4" to allow it to pass along the top and down the R/H side.
Step 5 - I fitted 2 thick 6mm washers behind the rear battery box mount to stop the multi connector pressing hard on the PCIII when everything is tightened
Step 6 - There is a large back box which is part of the indicator, hazard circuit, originally this fitted vertically in the space under the seat.  The PCIII takes
up too much room so I had to fabricate a bracket to mount this box horizontal on it's side.. If it touches the bottom of the seat there is just sufficient room
The PCIII comes with a very short lead and 2 huge
connectors to fit between the Victory ECU and the
loom.  Fitting this lot behind the battery box
between the shock and the mudguard is not easy.
Under the seat there is a narrow space to work in.  See my home made
bracket to mount the indicator, flasher box on it's side along the frame, it is
normally bolted vertically but the PCIII underneath occupies this space.
See Step 1 and Step 2, here photographed from above is my thin alloy plate
siliconed to the front of the rear mudguard.  The PCIII attaches to this plate
with velcro.  Centre of photo shows where I built up the silicone.