Victory Vegas 100 - Fitting Arlen Ness Big Sucker Airbox
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I purchased an Arlen Ness Big Sucker airbox on eBay for £50.  The Big Sucker airbox is easy to fit however removing the standard
airbox required a wire saw and a Stanley blade with a saw attachment because it is too big to remove without taking the engine out. I had
to cut it into pieces small enough to pass through the gap between the front cylinderhead and the frame.
Before photos on the
left  and after fitting
photos on the right.

The standard plastic
airbox is ugly and
unsightly, with the Big
Sucker fitted the front
of the engine is now
uncluttered and looks
so much better with the
lovely chrome rocker
cover in full view.
Arlen Ness Big Sucker Airbox (No longer made)
Standard Airbox in place with tiny inlet
holes tucked under the tank.
Top view of the Big Sucker in place
I had to cut the airbox into small pieces in
situ to remove it
The Big Sucker hides nicely out of site in the space under the tank
So you may ask, what difference does it make fitting an aftermarket airbox.  Well the standard
Vegas 100 makes 73 bhp and with a decent airbox this is raised to 90 bhp (Airbox + improved
exhaust can get closer to 100 bhp).  The standard bike makes maximum power at 3,500 revs then
it tails off slightly to the red line.  A aftermarket airbox lets the engine breath more freely so power
steadily climbs from 3,500 to 5,500 revs.  Now opening the throttle results in a real power surge
from 4,000 revs to 5,500. Nice!

I can still ride my Vegas as normal rarely going over 3,000 revs however I have plenty more in
hand if I open the throttle w-i-d-e.

There is an excellent site which provides good quality tuning information (If only I
lived in the USA).  Having read up on Victory's my conclusion is the standard air box seems to
choke off the performance after 3,500 revs which is much in keeping with the ethos of riding a big v
twin. The Big Sucker is no longer made, Lloydz still supply an excellent alternative.  
Top of injectors visible after my airbox removed.