Adrian's 2007 Victory Vegas 100 Extras
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I modified my Vegas 100 to make it unique.  From eBay I acquired some new alloy footpegs for rider and passenger.  I also purchased some polished
stainless bling from Freedom Motorcycles in March, UK - Victory rack, Victory chrome rear indicators, a starter motor cover, chrome battery cover, oil
cooler cover, rear master cylinder cover and front master cylinder cover.  I fitted some thin, retro, rubber handgrips and a Symtec heated grip kit.

I ordered a pair of Supertrapp Fatshot silencers and a Power Commander III from in the USA,
Shown here my nice shiny
chrome alloy footpegs from
eBay to replace the standard
pegs and improve the look. I
had to use an 8mm x 30mm x
1.5mm stainless washer to pack
each footpeg and make them a
snug fit in the mountings.  
In the picture far right you can
see how I ground the washers
to fit into each of the front
footrest mounts.  1 hour in the
workshop well spent. The rear
pegs require a similar treatment,

Photos of the matching
In the photo below is my Vegas fitted with Supertrapp Fatshot slip ons.  There are many
different exhaust options for the Vegas.  Some systems hang too low for me or stick out too wide.  I
do not want to be dragging pipes on the tarmac in right hand turns. There are other aftermarket
pipes that look good but reduce power and I would never knowingly fit anything that reduces power.
I prefer the look of the standard Victory exhaust pipes, the lower pipe runs straight and rear
cylinder pipe bends up and follows the line of the swinging arm. The Fatshot silencers are shorter
and sportier than stock and the sound / performance can be adjusted by adding or removing
exhaust rings.
When fitted the sound is great, nice and deep with a sporty rasp but not too loud. The standard
Victory silencers weigh 4.5 kg each, the Fatshot's 2.14 kg each.
Oil Cooler cover from Freedom Motorcycles
Thin rubber grips and a Symtec heated grip kit make the
controls more manageable.  The original Oxford heated grip kit was
way too bulky for me and these mirrors have to go.
I fitted new red ignition leads. When damp the original
leads would arc across to the cylinderhead causing a
misfire.  These are car leads with a 90 deg connection to
the ignition coil.  I had to shorten them and I cut two slots in
the chrome cover to allow shorter leads to run straight from
coil to spark plugs. Looks purposeful.